Let's talk about rates

We believe in providing clear and accessible information, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated with our services. Explore this section to find detailed insights into our pricing structure, helping you make informed decisions on your electric vehicle charging journey.

Connection Fee

A fee to ensure a seamless charging experience every time.   This fee is a standard charge applied upon the initiation of your charging session with us. Rest assured, it’s a small investment for the convenience and reliability of our charging experience.

Rate per location

Our pricing model is designed to offer a fair and balanced charging experience across all our stations. Some locations may be considered premium, reflecting the demand and unique features they offer. We aim to maintain transparency in our pricing, ensuring that you can plan accordingly as charges may vary based on the specific location you choose.

Idle or Penalty Fee

Efficiency is key in the world of electric vehicle charging. To encourage prompt removal of vehicles post-charging, we implement a minimal Idle or Penalty Fee. This fee is applicable when a vehicle remains connected to the charger beyond the completion of the charging session. It’s a tool to keep the charging stations available for everyone.

Grace Period

We value your time and understand that unforeseen delays can occur. That’s why we provide a grace period after your charging session is completed. This period allows you an additional 15 minutes to safely disconnect and remove your vehicle without incurring any additional fees. Our goal is to offer flexibility while maintaining a fair and considerate environment for all users.

Understanding where I will see the details

Rates per location

Prices & Fees starting February 15, 2024

Level 3: DC Fast Chargers

EVSE from 50KW to 120KW

Level 2 – AC Chargers

Prices & Fees starting February 15, 2024

EVSE from 7.7 KW to 19.2 KW

Why the price changes?


The adjustments are shaped by multiple factors. External elements, particularly fluctuations in electricity costs and the frequent occurrence of vehicles being left without charging have affected our operational expenses. Furthermore, negotiations with premium locations and the distinctive dynamics of each locality have contributed to these changes. These adjustments enable us to continue providing dedicated customer service and deliver a charging experience that is both reliable and efficient, just as it is today. We thank you for your understanding as we navigate through these dynamics together.

How much of a difference will a EV user notice?

These increments represent only 2% on average approx.

Example: Your battery has a 80KWH capacity and you use the stations 2 times per month to charge up to 80%.

  • Old Rate = 64KW x $0.49 = $31.36
  • New Rate = 64KW x $0.52 = $33.28


Are still the public stations cost effective?

YES! Switching to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations continues to be a financially wise decision for our users. Despite recent adjustments in charging prices, EV charging remains a cost-effective choice compared to traditional gas stations. The savings extend beyond the cost per charge, considering the reduced maintenance expenses associated with EVs. With fewer moving parts and less wear and tear, electric vehicles offer significant long-term savings, making them an economical and sustainable option for environmentally conscious and budget-savvy individuals alike.

How much will be the total of idle or penalty fee?

The idle or penalty fee, which is charged when a vehicle remains plugged in after the charging session is complete, is currently set at a maximum of $45.00. However, this fee can differ based on the specific location of the charging station. It’s important to be aware that this fee is subject to change and might vary in different areas.