As the world shifts towards sustainable energy, the electric vehicle (EV) industry is quickly gaining momentum. With increasing adoption rates, customers now have higher expectations for their EV experience. They expect a seamless charging process, easy access to charging stations, and reliable customer service. Meeting these expectations is essential to the success of the EV industry, and Puerto Rico is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

One of the ways Puerto Rico can benefit from the growth of the EV industry is through the NEVI funds. These funds can be used to develop the necessary infrastructure for EVs, including charging stations and battery recycling facilities. This is a unique opportunity for Puerto Rico to become a leader in sustainable energy, attract new investments, and create jobs for the local economy.

By investing in the EV industry, Puerto Rico can also meet the expectations of its customers and potential new companies who want to establish their presence locally. The funds are not the only piece; the long-term plan to provide maintenance is fundamental to success.

Furthermore, education and awareness play a critical role in the success of the EV industry. Customers need to understand the benefits of driving an EV, such as lower emissions and cost savings, as well as how to use and maintain their vehicle. Puerto Rico can increase awareness and adoption of EVs through public campaigns and education initiatives.

In conclusion, the EV industry’s rapid growth, worldwide and locally, is a fact, and Puerto Rico has a unique opportunity to become a leader in sustainable energy by investing in the necessary infrastructure and education initiatives. By meeting the expectations of its customers, Puerto Rico can attract new investments and create jobs, ultimately contributing to the growth of the local economy. The NEVI funds provide an excellent opportunity to achieve these goals and establish Puerto Rico as a sustainable energy leader.


Carlos Vizcarrondo

Owner & President

Visotek & Velocicharge